Corruption infested ministry now issues tender for oil

After causing damage the outgoing Patriotic Front government has finally swallowed its pride over fuel shortages and has advertised a tender for supply of fuel. This is after telling the country that there is nothing wrong with single sourcing and giving contracts to their friends and business partners without going through a public tender process. The corruption infested ministry of energy officials now seem to fear being arrested for this stinking corruption if government changes in August.
The advertisement comes barely a month after the Zambian government single sourced the IPG of Kuwait to supply the country with fuel. However, IPG could not supply fuel because Banks have refused to issue al. Letter of credit because of the credit worthiness of the Country. Government then turned to Dalbit  to supply fuel but Dalbit has also refused because the Zambian Government has failed to settle US 80 million that the company is owed.
According to the latest advert published in government newspapers such as Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and   Daily Nation, the Ministry of Energy and Water Development is seeking suppliers of 520,000m3 of Diesel and 264,000m3 of Petrol in Lot 1 that will be conducted through International Competitive bidding while Lot 2 that requires 130,000m3 of Diesel and 66,000m3 of Petrol will be done through Open National Building procedures.
According to the tender advert, the closing date for receiving of tenders is April 29, 2016.
Currently the country is experiencing a critical shortage of fuel. Just over the weekend, the Ministry of Energy allowed Oil Marketing Companies to import their own fuel.

Yesterday the Energy Regulations Board (ERB), a moribund regulator, announced the waiver of restrictions on fuel transportation that banned fuel tankers from moving after 18 hours.

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