Corruption starts and ends with Lungu – Panji

Corruption starts and ends with Lungu – Panji

By Patson Chilemba

Edgar Lungu’s statement that no corrupt element will be allowed to roam freely is an insult to the intelligence of Zambians, ruling PF member Colonel Panji Kaunda has charged.

Commenting on President Lungu’s statement during the Anti-corruption day themed ‘United Against Corruption’, where the President spoke out against graft in his written speech, Col Panji said if any one were to listen to President Lungu and did not know anything about Zambian, they would be clapping right now, praising the President as an ardent corruption fighter.

However, Col Panji said the only unfortunate part was that there was a huge variance between what President Lungu read in his written speech against his actions over the matter, saying corruption actually started and ended with President Lungu.

“It’s an insult to our intelligence. It’s a big joke. Unless there is seriousness from the President himself, from his heart, not reading that corruption is evil we won’t go anywhere,” he said.

Col Panji said the fight against corruption must start with the first family itself, saying the President himself should explain the source of his wealth, while at the same time telling the Zambian people where his daughter, Tasila, was getting the money for all the projects she was currently undertaking, including fencing the over 3790 hectares Forest Number 70 in Sinda, Eastern Province.

He said already there was a report from an American organisation revealing the wanton corruption in the Mukula illegal trade.

“There are reports that the daughter is building shopping malls where there used to be police stations, what is he doing about it? She has spent a lot of money fencing Chimutengo Forest, these are things the President must table in his own house” Col Panji said. “Like us the children of Dr Kenneth Kaunda, you won’t hear of us being involved in illegalities or that we had fenced off forests or were building malls where there used to be police stations. Let him begin with his daughter, where is she getting the money from.”

Col Panji said Article 52 of the Constitution of Zambia guided how ministers and members of parliament must behave, but under President Lungu, his ministers and permanent secretaries were involved and profiting massively from government projects. He said corruption was right in front of President Lungu, saying everyone in the PF, from the highest office to the lowest cadre were now scavenging for government projects.

“Corruption starts with him and ends with him,” said Col Panji.

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