Corruption in case of Zambian woman detained for having 2 passports and her Senegalese husband crook Abdoulaye Ndiaye

Corruption in case of Zambian woman detained for having 2 passports and her Senegalese husband crook  Abdoulaye Ndiaye

Abdoulaye Ndiaye

Just a day after Zambia celebrated her 48th year of independence, a Zambian woman appeared in a magistrate court presided over by Willie Banda.

Her name is Rosemary Mwasakandu. She was born one year before Zambia became independent.

She is accused of being in possession of more than one passport without authority contrary to section 55 of the Immigration and Deportation Act number 18 of 2010 of the laws of Zambia.

Magistrate Banda refused to give the Zambian woman bail. She is currently detained in Chimbokaila. That is all what the country was told by the Zambian media.

But Rosemary Mwasakandu’s story is not a simple case of having two passports. It is about corruption in the Immigration, in the Judiciary and the mining.

At the centre of all this corruption and exploitation of this woman is a Kitwe based Senegalese criminal called Abdoulaye Ndiaye.

The simple story is that Rosemary is in prison because she demanded what is legally hers from Ndiaye after the two got divorced.

‘This is the story about the injustices of the rotten judiciary System, the very corrupt immigration officers and the manipulation of the systems by a very powerful Senegalese businessman with endless resources to pay off and create hell for innocent Zambians,’ that is how one person put it.

The man in question, and at the centre of the story, is a rich business man called Abdoulaye Ndiaye aka “Gounassi” the owner of grizzly mining. See Grizzly mining here

Grizzly Mining is a subsidiary of the Gounasse International Group. It is managed by the chairman of Grizzly Mining and Gounasse International, Ndiaye Abdoulaye.

This is the man who arrogantly claims he wants to become the Zambian president because he owns half of Kitwe.

He is one of the richest people in Africa thanks to years of siphoning money from the innocent people of Lufwanyama and selling undeclared stones to his Jewish and Indian business colleagues.

This is the man who has amassed so much wealth that he has 10 million dollar mansions in Senegal and owns hundreds of houses in Kitwe and owns almost all shopping malls in Kitwe.

He recently offered to pay Zambian coach Herve Reynard over 600 thousand dollars of unpaid allowances.

Yet, Ndiaye Abdoulaye has his ex-wife Rosemary Mwasakandu locked up  for demanding to rightfully claim what belongs to her and the five elderly children he has with her.

She is rotting in Chimbokaila because she was denied bail by magistrate Banda, a fellow Zambia because of bloody money from  Ndiaye Abdoulaye.

The problem began when the two divorced and the Canadian court ordered that the two should share the properties they acquired whilst being married for over 30 years. They were staying in Canada but have property in many countries including Zambia.

Rosemary Mwansakandu, a bonafide Zambian, decided to come to Zambia to enforce the judgement.

Rosemary came to Zambia to register the K40 million divorce settlement that she wants to register at the Ndola High.

But Ndiaye Abdoulaye will not have that.

Just after his wife was granted the judgement, he dubiously removed her from the Three million dollar matrimonial house they built in Dakar, Senegal. He also sold all the properties and hotels they owned in Canada.

When she came down to Zambia to try and get her share of the money, he told her that he was bankrupt and only use monies borrowed from the banks.

However, a week after his response he offered to pay the Zambian coach a staggering six hundred thousand US dollars at a point when his children in Canada are leaving in rented houses and struggling to pay school fees.

Ndiaye Abdoulaye keeps the Zambian immigration in his pockets. This has been demonstrated fully in ensuring that the divorce and settlement case does not get to court and that anyone who comes in his path is either destroyed or deported.

When his ex-wife (Rosemary Mwansakunda) came to Zambia, she sought the assistance of one of the Senegalese association representatives called Ibrahim Dia.

She also hired a lawyer Lillian Mushota and Mr Wright to push  the judgement for her.

Ndiaye Abdoulaye immediately unleashed the immigration on them and had the Lusaka immigration officer led by Douglas Ntambo attack them at the middle of the night.

Dia and his Zambian wife were immediately arrested for immigration related issues and all there valid documents were confiscated by the immigration officers under Gounassi’s payroll.

Dia’s passport was hidden by a combined team of immigration officers.

Fortunately one key witness saw the immigration officers conceal the passport and decided to report the issue. This witness is a Senegalese relative of Dia and has valid work permits for Zambia. When Gounassi (Ndiaye Abdoulaye)   got wind of this story he again sent Lusaka immigration to specifically detain the witness for more than three days and had him deported without trial and using air tickets hastily bought by Gounassi.

Dia is now constantly appearing before resident magistrate Joshua Banda on the immigration charges whilst the immigration are holding the passports and NRC documents of over five Zambians.

Thus, Ndiaye Abdoulaye, using the Zambian immigration and courts has successfully blocked his ex-wife from demanding her share of the wealth.

The divorce settlement hearing was set for the 16th of October and his ex-wife went with her lawyers, Mrs Mushota and Mr Wright to attend the court proceedings and enforce the judgement.

But, Surprisingly, Ndiaye Abdoulaye aka Gounassi went with two immigration officer who sat with him like bodyguards during the duration of high court proceedings.

Because of the volume of the affidavit filed by Ndiaye Abdoulaye’ lawyers, Rosemary’s lawyers asked for time to study the documents. The case was then adjourned to the 6th of November, 2012.

This gave Ndiaye Abdoulaye an opportunity. He set the Zambia immigration officials on his ex-wife.

À bogus checkpoint was set up by the immigration officers, in the company of Ndiaye Abdoulaye just outside the Ndola high court and his wife was abruptly arrested and transported through the night and held without explanation at the immigration headquarters in Lusaka.

She is now being held in Chimbokaila and labelled prohibited immigrant in her own country.

Ndiaye Abdoulaye is working hard and wants her deported before 6th November the day of hearing the divorce case.

When he married his Zambia wife in the early nineties, he had literary nothing but went on to amass so much wealth during his stay with her. He later sent her to Senegal to help raise his five elderly children and run the real estate business for him.

When she became successful, he sent he to Canada to set up and run the five star hotels and other business for his empire.

Then with no warning whatsoever, he left her with their children who are over twenty years. She now fends for herself whist he continues to evade emerald corporate taxes and eliminate business opponents’ whist expanding the parameters of grizzly mining.

Surprisingly, those close to Ndiaye Abdoulaye tell the Watchdog that the man himself has four passports from Senegal, Canada, Nigeria and Burundi.

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