Corruptuon at MER group



I write to bring to your attention the high levels of corruption and fraudulent activates taking place at Mer group Zambia limited located at 34 Chitemene Road Northmead Lusaka Zambia. The Company was awarded to construct communications Towers on behalf of the Government. The administration Manager has awarded contracts to her sister in a corrupt manner in collaboration with the current Country Manager Linor Cohen and Barack Galid who are engaged in serious levels of corrupt practices and Fraud with Dolica Lishika. She has been receiving bribes and cash from Sub-contractors for jobs with Mer group Zambia Limited. She has given her sister Sarah Kaira more than 4 Sites’ to construct Communication towers’ under her company Called Kemwisha from which Dolica receives money from. She has been doing sub-standard work on the sites mainly the building Materials that are being used are not of standard and the Operations Manager Lameck Chilembo is aware but because they have been giving him bribes and he has chosen to ignore these serious issues. You have to pay someone in order to be given a job? I thought it was based upon Merit and Previous experience. Kemwisha was awarded the contract to supply Solar Panels for the towers which Linor Cohen awarded them without taking serious factors into account whether they have experience to do the same job. Due to the High levels of Corruptions and carelessness behaviour from the above mentioned, Mer group Zambia Limited has never received any certificates for completion of the towers which are being constructed on behalf of the Government by Huawie and ZTE at the end of the project .The soil tests which have been done at the sites are questionable as Dolica has monies issued by Dolica in cash issued to the contractor doing the soil test has never reached the university of Zambia and yet they have obtained signed soil test results from the UNZA laboratory. The tests are being done by a company called Elaciba. All the information I have given you in this letter can easily be collaborated with records from the Mer Group Zambia Limited office. I am Appealing to the government to investigate this matter and take appropriate action as the people of zambia stands to lose.

Concerned contractor



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