Cosmetic mealie meal reduction

The PF regime yesterday announced that they had reduced mealie meal prices by about K4.
PF Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda said the wholesale price of a 25kg bag of breakfast would now be K61.00 from K65.00.
Remember that it was the PF that increased the mealie meal prices from K23, 000 (K23)the price at which Levy Mwanawasa left it. Rupiah Banda, corrupt as he was, left it at K35, 000. The PF increased to its current unaffordable levels but are now only announcing a reduction of K4, yet they want to be praised. Honestly how many people can afford a bag of stable food at K61.00? Does the reduction from K65.00 to K61.00 make any reasonable difference to the majority of Zambians who live on less than a Dollar? And is it not true that a bag of mealie meal costs K65.00. Its much more expensive that.
Moreover, o what basis will millers reduce the prices? Has government subsidized them? Has government reduced the price of the raw material maize, transport cost, electricity etc…?
Can any one then wonder why retailers have not reduced the prices of mealie meal?

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