Cosmo Mumba supports police brutality on UPND

Cosmo Mumba supports police brutality on UPND

See video on beating of youths here

Victim of police action on Wednesday. Such makes Cosmo Mumba very happy

National Revolution Party (NRP) president Cosmo Mumba has commended the Police for its action to break-up a UPND demonstration yesterday.

Mumba has also commended Lusaka province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga for what Mumba termed defending the Zambian law and constitution.

Mumba says the UPND youths were wrong to go ahead with their planned demonstration even after being warned against doing so.

He notes that immediately they were stopped to go ahead with their protest, the UPND youths would have followed the rightful procedure of following the hierarchy in appealing instead of defying the order.

Mumba says Ms. Katanga was right not to allow the UPND youths proceed with their planned demonstration because the reason for their demonstration borders on a matter still before the courts of law.

Speaking to QFM,  Mumba says it is unfortunate that the top leadership of the opposition party decided to abandon their youths despite knowing that the matter they were protesting about was contemptuous.

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