Cosmo Mumba threatens to rape witness

Cosmo Mumba threatens to rape witness



A Lusaka Magistrate Sheila Mweene has strongly warned National Revolution Party Leader Cosmo Mumba to desist from interfering with potential witnesses in a matter in which two of his followers have been charged with threatening violence. Ms. Mweene warned Mumba and the two accused – Peter Chimbala and Mtendere Mwanza – after a complaint by a Simoson employee who told the court that Mumba threatened to deal with the witness if she testified against “his boys”. Mr. Mumba phoned the employee and told her ” Iwe if you testify I will send my boys to your house and have you raped”. The lady was so scared and terrified that she refused to appear in court on the 6th of April, 2016, for fear of being raped by Mumba’s boys. It has also come to our attention that Mumba ‘s self anointed title of “Dr” is actually fraudulent. Mumba is not able to prove that he aquired his so-called Doctorate from a legitamate accredited institution.  It has also come to light that his birth name is not “Cosmo”. He discarded his real name and gave himself the name Cosmo when he entered Secondary school. It is alleged that Mumba constantly harasses   family member in the same way he harrrased MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba. He recently refered to Freedom Fighter Vernon Mwanga as an “Old Fool”. How can such a young man call a Freedom Fighter an “old fool”? We also have credible information that Mumba is trying to get close to President Edgar Lungu but Lungu knows Cosmo is a fraud so he doesn’t want to entertain him in any way. The National Revolution Party President is often found at Simoson building playing Bonanza in shop S11 and drinking “chatoo”.

What a shame.

Concerned person

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