Cost of imprisoning HH

Dear Editor,

Due to my position in the National affairs kindly keep my identity confidential. Right now I have a headache and I feel very sorry about the young ones and the generation to come. We can not deny the fact that our country is currently facing serious economic challenges. All these years we have been independent we have not produced a single Zambian owned company that is in heavy copper mining yet this sector produces about 70% of its earning to our GDP.

I did not participate in the last general election, so I didn’t vote for any of these two leaders ECL or HH, due to my nature of work abroad. I have come to respect HH’s fighting spirit in that its not easy for anyone in opposition to keep increasing his net worth despite not controlling the national treasury. And with the current political environment, it takes super human skills to make it in Zambia. Please don’t get me wrong, I know of many other Zambians out there who are working had for the betterment of this nation.

I am just failing to understand, how could Zambia decide to lock up such an economic mind in prison. I am sure you will agree with me that ever since this mind was locked up in prison it has continued to earn an income on an hourly basis. What is the cost to our GDP in terms of this same fake trial? How many businesses have been affected as a result of HH’s absence? When ever there is a trial most of the employees keep following the court proceedings on their phones or computers, what is the cost in terms of monetary value? Our image abroad has been dented and this has an impact on FDI. Just look how we are misusing our police, utility vehicles, fuel, allowances and the innocent dogs just take HH to court. When are we going to learn to build each other?

Concerned Senior Citizen.

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