The season of “Politics of the Belly” once again upon Zambia

Could there be a Credible Politician out there or are we all Champions of Belly Politics?

By Garry Nkombo M.P Mazabuka Central

The cynics told us “Don’t kubeba”  or eat the campaign money but remember who to cast our votes for. The optimists argued vehemently that this is the era of democracy that we had an electoral system that guaranteed the delivery of our”baby democracy” throughout our country

Clearly countrymen and women the Child has come with lofty expenses due to insatiable appetite for absolute control and attempt to create a one party state that in itself places the  “baby democracy” that we fought for in 1991 in a state of coma.

The first shall be last and the last shall be last is a biblical doctrine and has now indeed become a policy statement under our Zambian political dispensation. The old are meant to pass the button of leadership to the young in any life experience, but in Zambia, the old pass it to the old as the case is in the current appointment of our self confessed Belly politician Danny  ” everlasting ” Munkombwe who told  PF in parliament that they would be ushered into the realm of political irrelevance as they had nothing to offer the country and the people of this country just under two years ago. Today they have something to offer and this offering is only exclusive to his belly.

Unfortunately, we forget that constructive criticism shall always remain a major ingredient to any development agenda of any country. In Zambia at the close of the 2011 presidential and general elections, God presented a perfect platform and opportunity for the country to speed away on it’s path of social and economic development with a balanced political representation in Parliament which saw a semblance of a hang parliament. This situation creates reason to political players to engage for the good of those whose interests and aspirations they sought to represent.

Elections results 2011 have presented a totally different direction for our country where we saw unprecedented levels of result petitions, coercion of weak representatives, to “join” the rank and file of the ruling party, by-elections, violence, intolerance, total disregard of rule of law, (Public  Order Act), Police brutality Police selection of application of the rule of law,  and the Politics of the Belly taking the center stage in the lives of those politicians who became convinced that even though they were privileged to represent people who made them come to legislate, they ignorantly and conveniently convinced themselves that they can only contribute to the national development agenda if they drive GRZ vehicles with flags, have a government house, cell phone, fuel  allowances etc.

This betrayal of the cause is the definition of the politics of the stomach. Unfortunately this belly politics has now become malignant and has spread to legislators outside the fossil or dinosaurs politicians from the stone throwing
pre-independence era to the upcoming” first time entrants” of the republican legislative assembly thereby creating little hope for the image of all politicians. The question therefore now arises. “Is there a reputable politician out there?

African literature such as Chinua Achebe’s Big “Man Syndrome” depicts through the conduct of chief Nanga in the book “A Man of the people” and which Francis Imbunga  eloquently evokes in Tumbo in Betrayal of the City arrives in the constituencies in a big style – Governors want mansions cars, flags support staff and what not. Things they never dreamed of from ordinary hard work. Electorates are again used as a spring board to elevate individuals who betray easily.

These malingerer “politicians of the belly” academy to me become the real reason why democracy which is a Siamese twin to development has continued to elude our country for a long time. For how long shall tax payers money needed to facilitate for a child’s school, clean water supply and  medical in kashinakazhi in manyinga, in Kalabo central, in malima Sinazongwe, in Basanga, Itezhitezhi, in sinjembela, in nyimba, in katete, in feira, in Namalombwe chilanga,  in kafulafuta, in Luampa, in miluji Mufumbwe, in Katuba in Livingstone, in Kapoche, Mpongwe etc at the expense of the bellies of the people who represent the above constituencies and that of one Danny “devito” Munkombwe .

Post 2011, we had expected the newly elected leaders would not try to be the new breed of leeches. But these (dis) honourables seem resolved and content on one pursuit “Politics of the Belly” and yet it was not the politics of the belly we anticipated when they were sung drunk and danced to the “Dandy Crazy’s ” Don’t Kubeba anthem that gave Zambians false hope.

QUESTION : Anyway, why did Zambians demand and resolve that persons who hardly had any analytical skills could interpret the real needs of our society?


In 2011 and during the elections regardless of party affiliations, we as a country were really wrong. Wrong that we thought we could find beautiful country loving, country hugging, multi tribe- kissing,  nation worshiping, citizen minding politicians out there, Ayi Kwei Arma once wrote in his book titled “The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born. Just like the political fossils that I have given an example of earlier, if you wish to know why the new kids of the political block are spoilt brats, then find time to read this book.

The search for gold or material things, the yearning for all that glitters without hard work but by manipulation or being manipulated, the urge to consume for the belly until one can consume no more, the egotism of wanting to own so much when everyone around you wallows in poverty, In other words the “corruption of the Body and Soul ” have become the new faith or religion.

Citizens need a service and I invite these politicians of the Belly to also find a moment to recall their sanity by reading the books ” The cock roach dance” why politicians in a Zambian song are referred to as” anyandule” an eastern province interpretation of the word cock roaches. They  operate once all have gone to sleep. Re aligning their political positions and betraying those who voted for them at night.

Maybe they should also read the books “Going Down The River Road ” and ” Kill Me Quick” because otherwise this “Politics Of The Belly” that they are fronting shall surely lead us all down the River Road. Now you do not need to utter the Words “Kill  Me Quick ” once you breach the boundaries of River Road.
As I end my discourse please readers reflect agree or indeed criticize my analysis with a view that we want  to build a strong society that we will bequeath to those that will come after us.  I am sincerely alive to the fact that not all will like what I have written but ehh what the heck these are my thoughts.

Character : “The most noblest contribution which any man can make for the benefit of prosperity is that of good character and the richest bouquet which any man can leave to the young of his/her native land is that of shining spotless example. Don’t let your character be in conflict with your reputation.”


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