Could this be another pig slaughter scandal by PF

Could this be another scandal? Do you know why Guy Scot left the MMD. He claimed there was an out break of swine fever and ordered that all pigs be slaughtered and owners compensated. He had a few pigs slaughtered them and compensated himself huge sums of money.

This is the time Scot served as Agriculture Minister. Today President Sata’s Sebele also Minister of Agriculture Bob Sichinga has announced at a briefing that 25000 pigs will be slaughtered and owners compensated because there is an outbreak of swine fever.

This figure is for Lusaka only. We are not encouraging the spread of swine fever no the consumption of unhieginic pork but we have several questions to ask especially that the person who made the announcement has a very questionable record.

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has questioned the procurement of 50000 metric tonnes. He claimed MMD printed money worth 3 trillion Kwacha. He failed to justify the claims.

The MMD has sued him and the matter is in court. How has Sichinga come up with the figure of 25000 for Lusaka? What guarantee do we have that the list will not contain ghost names of cadres who have never reared a single pig?

For the goverment to come up with such a decision Cabinet must have met and Scot was around especially that disaster management is under Office of the Vice President. What contribution did Scot make towards the debate?

We hope the fyabukaya actor Mwansa Kapeya the moribund Minister of Information and Chief government spokesperson will give us a very clear answer. By the way,ZNBC news broadcast says the Anti Corruption Commission has launched investigations into irregular procurement of fertiliser.

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