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    Zambian 1 year ago

    Please P.F we have been silent to all the injustices you are doing to us as a nation nut not this.
    This we will not let you get away with.
    Let the amendments be made on individual items where required not this lump which is designed to weaken our democracy.
    Let me warn those of you in government, you are not there permanently. This will bite you too once you are out including President Lungu.

    Let also Minister of Religion stop going around the country and fooling the clergy that the amendment bill is about Zambia being a Christian nation and Morals… dont take us for fools…

    Why is PF so desperate to enact this amendment? Even the speaker has connived upto the extent the he cant wait for Constitutional court to complete its proceedings!!!
    All of you remember, there will come a time when you will be out of those positions then you will feel the sting

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    Rabson 1 year ago

    Good job council of churches. Bill 10 is a useless document which must not be supported by people who still have an aorta of consciousness. We are behind ccz.

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    Precious Muimo 1 year ago

    They have read that nill 10 and manny things are not acceptable why force peoplebthat is dictatorship in a democracy not allowed

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    They suppose to set down and see what is need first, because bars are been open anywhere anytime of Peroide.


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    William Sichilima 1 year ago

    The Zambians did request the MP’s to adulterate the constitution. The proposed amendments are against the submissions to all the previous Constitution Review Commissions e.g. Mbungu, Mwanakatwe, etc