Council workers disappointed with PF regime

Thank you watchdog for continuously being the voice of the voiceless. We don’t know how Zambia would have been without this site which government has tried in vain to shut down. We as employees of Councils are very disgusted with the way the PF government has been handling our plight of late. Day in day out these hypocrites are always preaching on decentralization and on the other hand are not interested in addressing challenges facing Councils especially when it comes to payment of Salaries. Sata’s Ministry of Local Government has failed lamentably and this shameless woman Emerine Kabanshi and her permanent Secretary are liabilities who should be sacked. You promised that you would be paying Council employees countrywide but it has now become the order of the day to first hail insults on you before you remember that you need to disburse the money meant for salaries.
If you yourselves cannot survive without taxpayers money how do you expect us to survive. It is better to get the little which one is sure will come than much which is not known if it will come. The way things stand, we work not being sure if we will get paid or not and at what time.

We were misled to think things under PF will improve little did we realize we needed to prepare for the worst. The way things stand currently, decentralization is going nowhere and is mere talk. Do you expect decentralization to put food on our tables? Do you expect decentralization to pay for our rentals? Do you expect decentralization to pay fees for our children whom you have denied bursaries at Hone College when you yourselves got free education?    Pay us our June Salaries you disgruntled shameless nincompoops who masquerade as our leaders.


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