Council workers not yet paid for February


As employees of Councils across the country, we write to express total disgust to the government over the way they are handling Councils. Ever since all Councils were put under the so called toothless redundant Local Government Service Commission, things have been deteriorating from bad to worse.

Imagine as employees we have not been paid our February, 2013 Salaries up to now and some Councils have not received even the January, 2013 Salaries!!! The way things are going, Councils across the country are destined for collapse due to the way Government has mishandled things. Surely what is the use of setting up the Commission if things cannot be improved? How do you expect people to be surviving for over two months without pay? Is it the Ministry of Local Government which is incompetent or what? Revert back to the old system of Councils paying themselves if you have failed to change things. This is disgusting. What even makes things worse is that this local government commission has continued to employ new personnel without putting the house in order.

Pay the people you incompetent officers. Otherwise you are sitting on a time bomb which is about to explode.

Withhold my identity for fear of victimization.

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