Counsellor shot dead in ongoing tribal conflict in Zambezi District

Counsellor shot dead in ongoing tribal conflict in Zambezi District

A civic leader was last night shot dead in the on-going conflict between Lundas and Luvales in Zambezi district of North-western province.

The two tribes are fighting over many issues but the latest cycle is over which language should be used in schools. The PF government has directed schools to use local languages as languages of instructions upto a certain level. But this has caused strife in regions where there are more than one big tribes such as Zambezi district.

The problem in Zambezi district escalated last night when two suspected Lunda speaking men shot dead a Mr Mbalakanyi, a Luvale. He was the area ward councillor for Zambezi central ward. He was shot dead around 20 00 hours.

A person close to the happenings in Zambezi told the Watchdog that the ‘late Mr Mbalakanyi is a long saving councillor and a freedom fighter and pillar of the rival group of Luvale. There have been two deaths of Lunda pillars in the district was associated to Luvales hence the rival group revenging.’

The PF government is fully aware of the problem in Zambezi district but has done nothing to stop the conflict that has now resulted in loss of life. The government, which ignited the conflict by the language directive, has just being saying they regret the conflict without taking active steps to remedy the situation.

Shot dead

Mbalakanyi Shot dead

In April this year, president Edgar Lungu was in Zambezi district but failed to address the problem.

Instead, he simply said he regretted the tribal conflicts between the Lundas and Luvales of Zambezi district in the North Western province.

President Lungu, who was speaking on arrival at Zambezi airstrip, stated he would engage Senior Chief Ndungu and Chief Ishindi on how best to resolve the tribal conflicts.

But when he met the chiefs he failed to resolve the conflict but was just telling them to support PF.

With the killing of the man in the photo below, it is expected that the conflict will worsen.




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