Court allows Chinese to build in reserve forest

Court allows Chinese to build in reserve forest

Lusaka High Court Judge Mwila Chitabo has discarded an Interim Injuction awarded to nine Chongwe Headmen who tried to stop the consttuction of Kingsland City at Zambia Airforce Twinpalm.

The traditional leaders had argued that the construction on the Chongwe Forest reserve will affect the Water body.

But the judge see no point in what the headmen were saying

This means that the Chinese can now resume construction in the forest reserve.

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    Daniel 2 weeks ago

    It’s really sad, is this what education has done this generation of Zambians? Either Christone is typically stupid or is an educated fool. Do you know what a ‘watershed’ is?
    These headman were right. The area in question is not just a Forest Reserve, it’s an area that allows you be able to find water underground when you drill your borehole. It’s such stupid mentality of not appreciating nature which will cause irreversible damage to our environment. You don’t ZEMA in order to understand this simple geography, Christone wakeup. Grow up if you still don’t the definition of human development.

    Your royal highness Chieftainess Nkomesha, we are behind you. That land should be left free, we need water, ecosystem, biodiversity. Etc. Christone who are you? A foreigner who doesn’t care about Zambia? Shame on you.

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    Christone 2 weeks ago

    Some of these headmen/women in Chongwe are becoming increasingly so stupid and arrogant for nothing. They think land belongs to them as though they were born with it. It’s high time govt started empowering it’s citizens by allowing people/subjects to have title deeds. We can’t be exploited by these grade seven failures. I don’t care about the court ruling anyway.

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    It will soon be Zam Kong is Chinese special administrative region. An autonomous territory, and former British colony.

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    Wenyo Yaluka 2 weeks ago

    Good Judge….In what capacity are the headmen interested in the land. They have a very remote connection to the land rights. This is State land and the owner is GRZ not headmen. If need be the President can override all technocrats and approve the project in the national interest. As usual they were wrongly advised. It would be silly to stop a project that has been on going for last 5 years on the perceived believe that the development is on a catchment area.The developer has planning and building permissions, that’s what is important. Someone slept on their job and stopping the project at this stage does not make any sense. If environmental guys stopped this project, The Chinese would walk away with millions of dollars. The ZEMA cant even enforce removal of garbage in towns and want to be heroes……..

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    Looking forward to reading the judge’s reasoning in the text of the judgement. I’m disappointed that the court seems oblivious to environmental problems facing Lusaka.