Court blocks ‘Cartel’ mission to install Kaseba as PF candidate

The Lusaka High court has blocked a meeting at which the ‘Cartel’ wanted to impose Christine Kaseba as PF presidential candidate.

And Brigadier General Miyanda and Dan Pule have announced that they win take part in the presidential by-election.

The Cartel, through Scott were organising a ‘consensus’ meeting of PF aspiring candidates to agree on one candidate.

But like the Watchdog revealed last night, the aim was to cheat other candidates and make them rally behind Kaseba through an inbuilt method.

Gershon Mumba, a founding member of the PF did not sleep last night after reading about the scheme. He went to see his lawyers. By 11 hours this morning, the court granted him any injunction which he rushed to serve on Guy Scott.

Meanwhile,  Heritage party President Godfrey Miyanda has formally declared his candidature for the 2015 Presidential election.
Brigadier General Miyanda says he has applied and offered himself as presidential candidate for the Heritage party because he believes he best suits the transition that has been necessitated by the death of President Michael Sata.
Speaking during a media briefing this morning to announce his candidature, General Miyanda observed that he does not need to be a member of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) in order to take on the programmes that have be actualized by the PF government.
He says as patriot and leader he has been prepared well for the high office he is seeking, firstly in the Defence and Security service and in government when he served as republican vice President and Minister of education.
General Miyanda says while he may GEN MIYANDAnot be the best or most experienced contender in the election, his service and receipt of instructions and spiritual guidance has shaped him into an obedient person.
He says he believes that his testimony is exemplary in terms of discipline, faithfulness, loyalty to the people of Zambia and the nation as whole.
The Heritage party president further states that what makes him the best suited person for transition is the fact all programmes initiated by the ruling PF in 2012 are in the Heritage party manifesto which was launched in 2001.
He says it will therefore be easy for him to adapt and lead the country’s transition.
And Opposition Christian Democratic Party (CDP) President Apostle Daniel Pule has announced his candidature for the January 20th presidential DAN PULEelection.
Making the announcement during a media briefing in Lusaka today, Dr Pule says his party is more than ready to take part in the by-election.
Dr. Pule says his party will work on a common goal of doing what the previous governments have failed to do.
He states that the CDP has put God first and has promised to govern the nation on Biblical principles.
He says while other political parties are busy fighting, his party is busy mobilizing its members on the ground.
Dr Pule adds that his party is united and focused on delivering the much anticipated development in the country.
The CDP Leader further states that his party has made wider consultations before arriving at the decision to contest the presidential election and that the hand of God is upon him.

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