‘Court case too expensive for us’

I wish to register my sadness on how my sister’s (Shelly Shepapa) court case  has taken 7 months  without being disposed of.

As a resident of Nyimba District, I have noticed that it is expensive for my sister , Shelly Shepapa,to pay for my transport to Kalomo for 7 months now since Iam her witness.My sister has now spent KR 6767 on transport for herself and mine  due to adjournments in the Local court and Magistrate Courts of Kalomo District .My sister is a housewife and has no formal job.
How can my sister ‘s case versus Mukuni Sonifa of Kalomo be sped up.Please assist me.
Matters of the case are that Mukuni Sonifa bought my late father’s house illegally in the year 2000  from my young brother ,Teddy,who was a minor.The administrator did not know of this illegal deal till the year 2012 when she had to go round to account for the deceased’s (My father,Mr Bedford Shepapa)estates.
How will I be helped to speed this case in the Magistrate Court which shall be on 16th May?The case was in Local Court but it is now in Magistrate.
I will be very pleased if my case is put into consideration.

John Shepapa

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