Court says Ndola teen is dad of married woman’ second child

A SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD boy of Ndola has been fined K3 million by the Kabushi local court for committing adultery with a married woman and consequently fathering one of her children.
However, the juvenile who agreed to having had an affair with a married woman, said the sex was under duress as he was raped and threatened by the woman, three years his senior.
Zike Soko, 24, told the court that his wife Victoria Ayvaliklis, 20, confessed that she had an affair with the boy but denied allegations that the juvenile was the father of their second child.
This was heard in a case where Soko sued the juvenile for committing adultery with his wife. Facts before the court were that Soko and Ayvaliklis got married in 2008 and have two children together, one of which was a subject of litigation.
“When we moved to Profound Flats in Itawa, I started hearing rumours that the boy was having an affair with my wife. Afterwards, I heard that he was actually the father of our second child,” Soko said.
He said although his wife vehemently refused that the teenage sired her second child, a paternity test conducted at Nkanza Laboratories proved that the juvenile was the child’s father.
“Ayvaliklis came to ask for DVDs and when she entered the house, she seduced me and we ended up making love,” the boy told the court.
The juvenile who knew Victoria way back from primary school, told the court that he once tried ending the affair by threatening Ayvaliklis that he would tell his mother about it.
He said she also threatened him that she would tell her husband about it and that this really scared him into continuing with the affair.
When called as a key witness in the matter, Ayvaliklis testified that she knew the defendant six years ago when they were in school.
She said they started associating by exchanging movies and when he proposed love to her, she accepted and they had sex on two occasions in his parents’ house.
“When I became pregnant I thought it was my husband’s child until the DNA test showed that the child was a product of the affair that I had,” Ayvaliklis said.
She told the court that she was pushed into having an extra-marital affair by her husband’s promiscuity.
Passing judgment, senior local court magistrate Agness Mulenga sitting with magistrates Celestine Muchimba and Paul Kayula, said the defendant accepted the accusation and it was evident that he had a child with Ayvaliklis.
Ms Mulenga said the child was the juvenile’s as evidenced by DNA test results and the photos he had posted on the internet.
The court ordered the juvenile to compensate Soko with K3 million in monthly installments of K300,000.

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