Court gives back Kambwili his NDC

Court gives back Kambwili his NDC

Our judiciary😃😃

This is the first court case Kambwili has won from the time he left PF. Now that he is back in PF , suddenly cases go in his favour. Our courts have a very long way before they can have a bit of independence and integrity.



The Ndola High Court has stayed the ex-parte order which was restraining expelled National Democratic Congress-NDC-leader, Chishimba Kambwili from masquerading as the party’s President.

In the Ex-Parte order in favour of Dr. Kambwili dated 30th March 2021, the court stayed the Ex-Parte proceedings pending payment of costs in another proceeding.

The court has set 9th April 2021 as date for inter parte hearing.

Last week, NDC expelled Secretary General, Bridget Atanga discontinued the matter in the Lusaka High Court where she was seeking similar reliefs.

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    FuManchu 2 weeks ago

    The calculation is that he is accorded relief from all pending cases! Zambians are yet to wake up and be proactive in ‘fighting’ for governance they deserve and a leadership that will justify in manifested terms how the national resources are serving the citizenry!

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    And which well meaning Zambian would ever vote for this obese flip-flop politician? He begged to be admitted back into PF on his bare knees, and now back to NDC? What a joker!