Court gives Nevers Mumba MMD presidency

Court gives Nevers Mumba MMD presidency



Lusaka High Court Judge Sharon Newa has declared Nevers Mumba the duly elected President of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy following a protracted legal battle.

Nevers Mumba was elected MMD president at a legally organised convention. When Mutati started working with PF as finance minister, the PF organised another but illegal MMD convention where Mutati was pronounced President.

Now that Mutati is no longer useful to PF, the MMD Presidency has been restored to Nevers Mumba. Who knows, maybe PF has a plan on Nevers Mumba because it’s not possible to just win a court case in Zambia cleanly. The PF must be involved somehow.

We wonder what will become Nakachinda now who was working with Mutati.

We also wonder what Nevers Mumba intends to do with MMD which is as dead as UNIP.


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