Court issues bench warrant against Mpombo

A court in Lusaka has issued a bench warranty (order to the police to arrest) against George Mpombo for contempt of court.

This is in a case where George Mpombo is in court on criminal charges of failing to retire imprest amounting to K18 million while he served as defence minister.

The case has been going on since 2011 but from the time his party the PF won elections, Mpombo has been disregarding the court.

When the matter came for continued trial on Monday, the court was told that Mpombo was not in court and no reason for his absence was given. It was the fourt time he did not go to court.

This prompted the court to issue a bench warranty meaning that Mpombo will now have to be taken to court in handicuffs.

In this  case, Mpombo, the former defence minister, is facing three counts of theft by  public servant, forgery and uttering a false document.

Charges are  Mpombo on an unknown date but between June and September 2008 in Lusaka, jointly  and whilst working together with others unknown being a public servant as  Minister of Defence stole K18 million which came into his possession by virtue
of employment.

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