Court of Appeal throws out appeal by Ventriligia family, again

Court of Appeal throws out appeal by Ventriligia family, again

In their continued denial and quest to undermine the Supreme Court decision delivered on 28th October, 2020 which brought to an end a 12 year shareholding legal battle involving Zambezi Portland Cement, the Ventriglia’s attempt to Stay execution of the Judgment has been rejected.

OiDelivering a Ruling this afternoon, the Court of Appeal held that the application was incompetently before Court and therefore, there was no merit in entertaining it and the Court proceeded to dismiss it with costs.

Meanwhile, the said Ventriglias and Gomeli Litana are still not respecting the Court decisions and rule of law in Zambia as they have continued to use brute force to block the majority shareholder Finsbury Investments Limited from entering the cement plant as ruled by the Supreme Court.

The Ventriglias seem to be above the law in Zambia as they have no respect whatsoever for court orders. It now remains for the rest of the world to see what relevant authorities will do in response to this, including the Zambia Police who are stationed at the cement plant whilst this illegality is being perpetuated, and PACRA who are still refusing to change the records of the company despite court orders being issued by superior courts in Zambia. This is lawlessness of the highest order and a danger to investor confidence for the country which should never be allowed.

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