Court officials, drug lords and the missing cocaine

Court officials, drug lords and the missing cocaine

One wonders how this case has even reached this far. This is a big sydicate which involves the court, the accused, the defence and the drug barons from Tanzania, South Africa and Pakistan.

The sydicate has some elements of the investigative wings involved which are the Police and the Drug Enforcement Commission. The role of the Police is limited if not dead by now but within the DEC the power struggle has been there as there is a division amongst them as others are strongly wanting justice to carry its course while some have been trying to destroy the case from the first day. If it was not for this division the cartel would have had their way two years ago.

In 2017 efforts to have the people released increased, this is because the Tanzanian who is imprisoned in this case comes from a big Family and they have exerted pressure on the Cartel in Tanzania to have thier relative released or face their wrath. This is despite the accused paying about K150,000 in legal fees to secure the services of the lead lawyer Keith Mweemba, a further agreement was entered to have one of the properties belonging to the Conducter Sydney given to the lawyer if he secures an acquital.

There has been a lot of money which has been exchanging hands over the case, the Pakistan cartel has been sending money to Tanzania and it finds its way to South Africa where the cartel led by a Nigerian channels it to Zambia. The money was being collected by a Sydney who is an accused.
The prison warders would be bribed to allow him meet people outside prison and also collect money when it is sent. A Mr. Mwemushi who used to operate an office at Makeni Mall was one of the conduit for this illegal money and would meet one of the accused a Sydney at his office at Makeni Mall escorted by Prison warders who treated him like a prince. When the money’s exchanged hands Mwemushi wrapped up his business and left makeni mall because a lead to him was created through prison warders.

The first money which was meant to bribe the DEC officers was a $4000, this money was to make them testify wrongly in order to give advantage to the defence but it could not work because the person they really wanted to buy off was unreachable.

Another amount of $6000 was further released towards the end of 2017 which was meant to buy off court officials and officers to make documents and other evidence to disappear.
It was difficult for the cartel to have these Drugs and documents to disappear from DEC because DEC Commissioner had put measures in place to over see the exhibits so they waited for the exhibits to go to court.

In December of 2017 after officers from DEC failed to steal the Drugs and Documents, the cartel found its way to court officials. They wanted an assurance that they should not leave the court with any doubt to have the accused set free. They started with the drugs by stealing them with the help of the court officials.

Money was further released in match of 2018 amounting to $20,000 which was meant for the Margistrate Kenneth Mulife to release the accused at the stage of ruling with no case to answer even if it was clear that the DEC had put in solid evidence to the case. This plan was however being frustrated with the adjournments in court.

The incorporation of the magistrate in the sydicate was after it was clear that the drugs which were the main exhibit were all exchanged. In March of 2018 Kenneth Mulife was met by a Lawyer where he accepted the payment and he was to deliberately put on record things to condemn the DEC in the case just to shield him so that whoever got the record would point at issues raised.

The agreement with Mulife was in January of 2018 but money was not available so he could not act. In March 2018 he secretly wrote charge letters to court officials in his court for losing the exhibit but despite this being a serious crime he was not to report to any investigative wing.

He was to keep the secret of the drugs missing and later pass judgement to acquit then order the clerk of court to quickly destroy the exhibits.

Kenneth Mulife now under threat from the Tanzanian and South African Cartel to deliver an acquital but this plan again suffered a set back when revelations were made public that drugs are now missing. The accused in the case were promised that they would be acquitted on the day of ruling but he changed in the last minute.
Kenneth Mulife is about to be appointed high court judge by President Lungu soon and he assured the cartel that even if the matter getz appealed he will be at the high court and will make sure it dies a nautural death. The judgement in this case was already made it is just a time waiting for it to pass

The happenings in the Drug business and how powerful the cartels are today leaves one question hanging. Is the Drug Enforcement Commission capable to fight these heavily funded cartels?

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