Chadiza court orders woman to buy nappies for baby of woman she insulted

The Chadiza Magistrate court has ordered a 22 year old woman of Kamwala Compound to pay K100 fine and buy ten nappies for the baby to be born of a woman she insulted.

Appearing before resident magistrate Fabian Likulunga was Tisaine Phiri who pleaded guilty to the case of using insulting language.

Tisaine failed to tell the court the reason for her insults and however, admitted to the charge.

She told the court  that she  insulted a 28 year old pregnant woman with whom she shared a rented apartment.

Magistrate Likulunga said that it was too much for  his court to be dealing with cases of insults from the same compound.

He said found it unacceptable for a woman to shamelessly insult a fellow woman in public.

He said in future he would be ordering residents of the Kamwala compound, who will be brought before the court for similar offences to relocate to other places away from the boma.

Magistrate Likulunga however, ordered Tisaine to pay K100 to the court and to buy ten napkins for the baby to be born of a woman she insulted or be imprisoned for three months in default.

Last month, Magistrate Likulunga slapped three months community service sentences on five juveniles comprising four girls and one boy for using abusive language in Chadiza’s Kamwala compound.

And a check by ZANIS revealed that the youths are still serving their sentence as they were found working at Chadiza Magistrate’s court premises.

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