Court refuses to enforce betting contract on Lungu and HH

A magistrate in Chipata has refused to enforce a betting outcome between a UPND cadre and a PF cadre on the results of the presidential by-election.
Prior to elections, Clement Mbewe a staunch UPND cadre and his PF counterpart Isaac Tembo decided to bet on whom would win the polls between Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema.
The two had agreed that if Hichilema would win, Tembo would surrender his house to Mbewe, but in event that HH loses the election, clement Mbewe would forfeit his Toyota to Tembo.
When Lungu was declared winner, Tembo went to collect ‘his’ car. But Mbewe told him to go and hang.
Tembo went to court.

But Chipata magistrate Philip Mpundu dismissed the claim by Isaac Tembo on the ground that such street betting is illegal in Zambia and that the two did not swear an affidavit as required by law.

He said betting was illegal in Zambia unless the process conforms to certain requirements including obtaining a betting licence under the betting control board or lottery tender Board of Zambia.

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