Court releases RB’s passport

A Lusaka magistrate has ordered the government to release the passport of former president Rupiah Banda so that he can join fellow dignitaries at the swearing-in of Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyata.

Mr Banda has already been given his passport and is expected to fly to Nairobi either tonight or Tuesday morning.

The PF government was not initially invited but after hearing that Mr Banda had been invited, they made frantic efforts to secure an invitation from the Kenyan government.

Ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott will travel to Kenya after the Zambian High Commission in Kenya managed to secure an invitation.

The release of Mr. Banda’s passport follows an application by his lawyers to compel Mutembo Nchito and his cartel to release it without fail.

Initially, the PF government tried to deny Mr. Banda the passport to attend the ceremony on the invitation of the Kenyan government and the Carter centre.

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