Court says wife of Julian motors only deserves K20, 000 on divorce

Court says wife of Julian motors only deserves K20, 000 on divorce


img_1360The woman behind the success of Juldan motors says she can’t be given K20,000 when she worked very hard her entire, productive life to build the brand and that she is actually the one who came up with the name ‘Juldan’.

Zubeda Muhammed Mulla is the former wife of July Danobo, the registered owner of Juldan Motors.

They got married in 1977 and together built Juldan Motors but now that they have been divorced, the court says the wife should just be given K20, 000 just because the company was registered in the husband’s name. To insult the elderly lady more, the court said this K20, 000 should be paid to her in monthly instalments of K1, 000.

When will Zambian courts start respecting women?

Mulla 62, of Central Street, Chudleigh, Lusaka and a peasant farmer, was married to Danobo, proprietor of Juldan Motors Limited in 1977, but were divorced by the local court and ordered Danobo to compensate his former wife K20,000 to be paid in K1,000 monthly installments.

In her appeal before magistrate Felix Kaoma, the complainant said it was unfair for the lower court to pass judgment in such a manner, because she contributed greatly to what her former husband owned today.
“I am disputing the Judgement of the local court over sharing of property, he used to stay in Kanyama, but could come in my bedsitter in Chilenje until March 1978, when he joined me and had only four taxis and we had our first son in 1979 while in Chilenje,” she said.

She said she was working and at the same time conducting business until the couple started building their matrimonial house on plot number F/737/47b Mansa Road in Emmasdale, Lusaka with ownership in his names.

Mulla said that she contributed towards the wealth of Danobo as she used to work with him by ensuring that cashing for taxis and minibuses was done accurately when the company was JDMB Servicers until it changed to Juldan Motors a limited company, which was her proposal in order to grow their business.

The buses were operating between Zambia and some were going to South Africa and that for those operating locally she would enter the Kwacha amounts and for the ones operating in South Africa would be entered in Rand.
“ I stopped working in 1985, but continued contributing in kind as a house wife and sometimes travel with some of our children to South Africa and Zimbabwe to buy spare parts after venturing into big buses locally,” Mulla said.

Hearing continues BUT, the Watchdog believes that this woman deserves half Juldan properties. It really does not matter in whose name the property is or who goes to the office in the morning, the contribution is the same. When July was going to intercity to work, his wife made sure their children were fed and safe at home. Today July is proud of these children. The woman left her job during her prime time to concentrate on keeping the house while July was running around but came back home to a hot meal and sex. The lady made sure July went to work clean and fed. Now that the woman has exhausted her energy working for July, she must be discarded and go to stay alone with nothing???

Our courts need to be civilised and protect women from such exploitation.

And in does not matter who was to blame for the divorce, sharing of property must be determined separately.

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