Court sends Kapoko back to jail

Lusaka magistrate Exornobit Zulu has revoked bail granted to Henry Kapoko.

Magistrate Zulu revoked the bail this afternoon after the state applied for its revocation in the morning.

“I will grant the state’s application.

“Bail is hereby revoked. The accused will remain in custody until this matter is disposed of,” magistrate Zulu said.

In the morning, the state has filed an application in the Lusaka magistrate court to revoke bail granted to Henry Kapoko.

This is in a matter where Mr Kapoko is jointly charged with 12 others with the theft of about K6.8 billion.
In July this year Magistrate Exonobit Zulu granted Mr Kapoko a K800 million bail and directed him that he will only be allowed to withdraw money from the bank once a month with the permission of the court 24 hours before making any withdrawal to allow him meet his legal costs and personal use.
But when the matter came up for mention today, state prosecutor James Matalilo told the court that Mr. Kapoko withdraw money without the knowledge of the court.
Magistrate Zulu had adjourned the matter to 14 hours today to allow defense lawyers who were not in court this morning to respond to the application by the state.
Magistrate Exonobit Zulu further ordered Mr Kapoko to be within the court premises until 14 hours.

Kapoko’s lawyer applied for leave to appeal which was granted but the magistrate said Kapoko will remain in custody until the High Court makes it ruling.

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