Court stops Kambwili from exposing Findlay’s dealing

Court stops Kambwili from exposing Findlay’s dealing

The Lusaka High Court has granted businessman Valden Findlay a one sided order restraining NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili from saying  any thing related to Findlay’s drug business.

Findlay says Kambwili is defaming him.

Justice Elita Mwikisa has further ordered that inter-party (both sides) hearing on the injunction will be heard on October 3, this year.

“Upon reading the affidavit sworn by Harry Valden Findlay sworn on September 24 in support thereof, and the plaintiff by his counsel undertaking to abide by any order this court may make as to damages in case this court shall be of the opinion that the defendant has suffered any by reason of this order the plaintiff ought to pay. It is hereby ordered that the defendant be restrained whether by himself or his servants or agents or otherwise until further order in the meantime from uttering any defamatory remarks concerning the plaintiff,” she ordered.

In this matter, Findlay has sued Kambwili in the Lusaka High Court for accusing him of being a drug dealer and using the Presidential jet to traffic drugs.

Findlay, who is seeking among other claims, damages for libel and slander and an order of injunction to restrain Kambwili by himself, servants or agents from uttering any defamatory remarks concerning him, lamented that his reputation and character as a renowned businessman has been damaged as he has been labeled a drug dealer and trafficker.

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  • comment-avatar
    Bowling 2 weeks ago

    Gentlemen the same Kambwili failed to give Dec concrete evidence….what’s wrong with Zambians?Are u guys telling me surely that ECL has to move drugs with the presidential jet to make $$$?
    You are disgracing some of us here in the diaspora with your  cheap politics.Last time I checked this is the same Kambwili that insulted the whole SP(Tonga ppl).Fuck Kambwili and the hoe he came out of.
    Don’t get it twisted,I am not a supporter of ECL but I will stand for my Country.
    We all know the Findlay’s have been sitting on “old money” for a while.Yall haters need to focus on getting your own like am doing.Whenever someone is successful it is very typical of Zambians to either label them a thief or ati its witchcraft.If I was Valden I wouldn’t give two fucks about the “haters” ,they did it to Jesus Christ after he had performed all those miracles.Just tell that Kambwili fool to come and join some of us and embrace the struggle.All of a sudden dude is a know it all guy?Dude did not resign like Mwanawasa on moral grounds…today he wants to be the messiah,like I said fuck Kambwili and the hoe he came out of.Dude is nothing but a bitch niggah.

  • comment-avatar

    Here we go, Findlay and his drug money has bribed the judge and now this drug dealer will be even bigger because he has captured the state and ECL.
    Shame of zambians, all zambians for being so stupid to tolerate this

  • comment-avatar
    Wanzelu 2 weeks ago

    How can you sue someone for libel and defamation and at the same time obtain an injunction for the one you have sued not to prove that he was right?

  • comment-avatar
    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    Nonsense. Compromised Judge.
    We know that you were bribed.