Court tells police to stop meddling in Mohan trial

Judge Gregory Tghursday afternoon warned police against interfering with the work of prosecutors. He also condemned police action at Simeza Sangwa law firm yesterday describing it as an action that could only occur in a failed state. He directed that prosecutors be given a free hand to research and prepare their cases without hindrance.
Judge Gregory Phiri made these directives when a representative Assistant Commissioner of Police Aaron Mushanga who was sent by the Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde, appeared before him as earlier ordered.
Mushanga claimed that the police did not disrupt the official meeting held at the law firm but merely waited for prosecutors in the car park.
But Judge Phiri wondered if Mushanga knew the relationship between the police and the prosecutors. He also directed that the police have a duty to liaise and protect prosecutors and lawyers involved in legal cases.
He also upheld the concerns from the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) and took the association’s concern.
Earlier LAZ submitted through its president Stephen Lungu that the association will protect the interest of its members and will ensure that lawyers operated in free environment. He also stated that when the interests of Justice are threatened, the association will rise to defend its principles.
Meanwhile the court resumed its sittings with Mohan under cross examination. Mohan continued to claim that Lusaka Lawyer Robert Simeza and his men killed Cyclone Hardware Director, Sajid Itowala.
Mohan Mathews, Shabir Patel and Idris Patel have been found with a case to answer and have been put on their defense for the murder of Cyclone Hardware Director Sajid Itowala. 28 witnesses testified against the trio accusing them of the murder.
Mohan has ignored the testimony and evidence produced in court but has instead brought fresh allegations that accuse certain judges of corruption. Despite strong warnings from Judge Phiri that the entire body of this testimony amounted to hearsay, Mohan has insisted and has spent the entire time alleging that Lusaka Lawyer Robert Simeza and “his men” were involved in the murder

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