High Court stops arrest of Nchito

Lusaka High Court Judge Mwila Chitabo, who was promoted by M’membe and Kabimba, has ordered a stay of the arrest warrant issued on DPP Mutembo Nchito.
The judge has also ordered that the warrant that was issued by the Chongwe magistrate be transmitted to the high court for review.

A Choongwe magistrate on Wednesday issued a warrant to arrest Nchito for various crimes ranging from abuse of office to forgery.
Judge Chitabo is one of the five judges that Fred M’membe and Wynter Kabimba appointed for late president Michael Sata to. See how the Watchdog revealed those appointment then.


Nchito and M’membe can win at Hight Court level but would certainly lose at Supreme Court level since Rupiah Banda appointed the Chief Justice Ireen Chirwa Mambilima. Unless when the case gets to the Supreme Court, used and dumped Lombe Chibesakunda will still be acting as Irene Chirwa will still be undergoing rubber stamping by parliament.

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