Covid- 19 has killed 199 in Zambia so far

Covid- 19 has killed 199 in Zambia so far


Government says Zambia had recorded 21 Brought In Deaths  (BIDs) in the last 24 hours bringing the cumulative deaths to 199.

According to government, the  country has also recorded 142 news Covid-19 cases from the 724 tests conducted during the same period.

Ministry of Health Spokesperson Abel Kabalo has announced that of the active cases, 37 patients are on oxygen support while 5 remain in the Intensive Care Unity.

And the Ministry has observed a reduction in adherence to Covid-19 preventive measures such as face masking, hand sanitizing and social distancing.

The country has recorded 7164 cases in the last 141 days with 5786 recoveries while globally the pandemic has hit 18.8million cases, 11.3 million recoveries and over 700, 000 deaths.

There has been a new surge in numbers in France, Spain and Greece with the countries recording their highest numbers in weeks.


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