Covid 19 travel certificate frauds continue

Dear Editor,

There could be something fishy going on in Livingstone with regard to Civid-19 testing for travellers. On 30th December 2020, two of our family members wanted to have the tests done at the Livingstone Central Hospital before returning to Botswana where they reside and were told that the machine wasn’t working and were referred to a private doctor. This doctor charges K2300 per person, which we find to be very excessive. I understand there were several other travellers and truck drivers at this private doctor as referrals from the hospital. Since we found this arrangement odd, we later made our own investigation and learned that the machine had never broken down at all. I have in my possesion photoshots of the receipt our relatives were issued after payment and certificates of the results. Here are a few things we find¬† odd:
1. The charge per person for the test seems too high considering that the charge at the hospital is only K1000.
2. When did the Ministry of Health start engaging private doctors for Covid tests?
3. Which machine had broken down because our sources at the hospital lab informed us that there was no such a breakdown on 30th December.
I think this incidence should be investigated. By the way, there was a Zambian family of five travelling back to Botswana and had to pay K11500. Someone is taking advantage the situation and reaping off innocent fellow Zambians and tourists.
Concerned Citizen

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