COVID certificate scum exposed

COVID certificate scum exposed

Hon Sylvia Masebo , Covid cases in Zambia were first recorded in 2020. Since then, we have been required to obtain a Covid Travel Certificate whenever we travel out of our country.

Zambia currently charges as high as K1600 for travel certificates. It’s become a huge cost for young Zambian entrepreneurs to pay for this travel certificate eveytime when required to travel. It has also become a breeding ground for corruption as both medical personnel Private or Public have found loop holes to cut corners!

Baring in mind that the certificate only lasts for 72Hrs. Scientists have further predicted that the Virus is slowly moving from pandemic phase into the endemic phase meaning, Covid isn’t going away.

Hence, we humbly ask the able Minister of Health to scrap out the travelling certificate charge or reduce it as it is too costly for Zambians. We can also avoid the process from becoming a vice of corruption.

Happy New Year Hon Sylvia Masebo may God richly bless you!

Leo Madalitso Musukwa

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