Coward M’membe has deserted Kabwela-Shikapwasha

File photo- Chansa Kabwela at the police station

File photo- Chansa Kabwela at the police station

Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha says Post newspaper owner-editor Fred Mmembe is a coward.

Gen Shikapwasha has accused Mmembe, currently wanted by police, of deserting News editor Chansa Kabwela.

Shikapwasha told journalists in Lusaka today that Mmembe has gone into hiding leaving Kabwela to face the courts alone.

He challenged Mmembe to come out of hiding and face the law.

Shikapwasha wondered what kind of leader Mmembe is if he can hide leaving his juniors to face the enemy.

Shikapwasha said that leaders should not be cowards.

Police in Lusaka claim that they are hunting for M’membe but there are reports that they haven’t gone to his house.

Managing editor Amos Malupenga was quoted by government newspapers saying that the police know where M’membe stays.

Chansa Kabwela is in court for allegedly circulating a picture of a woman giving birth.

She has been charged with one count of circulating obscene material or matters that tend to corrupt morals.

Magistrate Charles Kafunda two days ago  issued warrant of arrest against Mmembe for failing to appear in court to answer charges of contempt of court.

The charge arose out of an editorial opinion written by Professor Muno Ndulo titled ‘comedy of errors.’

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