Sidelined real intelligence officers not happy with Sata

Serious cracks in the Zambia intelligence system have emerged following President Michael Sata’s decision to establish a parallel structure based at Mukuba Pensions House in Lusaka and is administered by former spy chief and convicted criminal Xavier Chungu.

The divisions are as a result of the attention President Sata has given to Chungu’s establishment ignoring the traditional “Red Brick” set up commonly referred to Office of the President (OP).

Zambia Reports has established that President Sata is extremely uncomfortable with the current OP structure because according to his assessment, the system is dominated by people from Southern and Western Provinces majority of whom he can’t trust.

It is understood that President Sata does not trust Tongas and Lozi because they never voted for him enmasse and fears they will be leaking his secrets to the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema.

President Sata, according to the sources, also believes it will be practically impossible to rig the 2016 elections using the rural vote as managed by the current OP and that is why he has set up a parallel structure managed by his long-time ally Chungu to do the dirty work.

However, the decision to set up a parallel structure has unsettled the official intelligence officers who say they are now rendered irrelevant with their junior and middle managers pressing on the top brass to seek audience with President Sata.

The top intelligence officials who are said to be seeking audience with President Sata have so far met a brick wall as the Head of State does not want to confirm what they already know.

The official structure feels money being pumped into the Xavier Chungu run parallel structure could have been better used to strengthen the already set up structure.

Sata is said to have directed Chungu to load the parallel structure with officers from the Northern region that he belives will make it safer for him to rule.

So far attempts to meet the President subtly have drawn a blank and as they keep being ignored the situation is becoming volatile and officials fear if this persist, the country will be courting doom.

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