Crimes against Humanity in Zambia


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Dear Sir,

Ref: PROBE FOR Unexplained DEATHS

Refer to the above mentioned caption.

We are extremely concerned with unexplained deaths that have taken place in our country involving politicians and businessmen holding divergent views on issues of public interest. Prominent among these people that met unexplained deaths are the former Director for Public Prosecution one Mr. Mukelebai Mukelebai, Former Finance Minister Ronald Penza and prominent politician and a business executive one Mr. Paul Tembo, the two former Heads of States a Mr. Levy Mwanawasa and Dr Frederick Chiluba.

The first victim of the unexplained death was the former DPP Mr. Mukelebai Mukelebai who was found dead in his room. People mounted pressure on government to institute a commission of inquiry to establish the possible cause of his death. The death of this prominent son of the land was down played by government that should have been in forefront to establish the cause of the said death.

In the cases of Mr. Penza and Mr. Tembo, they were killed in cold blood by unknown people. Government of the day did not show willingness to investigate the deaths of these people to its logical conclusion. Evidence that could lead to the people that might have an idea of who killed our promising politicians vanished in thin air.

As for the two former Heads of States, their deaths leave a lot to be desired. There was no mention of calling an inquiry to probe the deaths of these leaders. Government up to this moment does not show interest in finding out what exactly could have led to the death of our two Former Heads of State.

We are also aware that, there are many other explained deaths involving innocent citizens that have taken place in the country and have not been reported or documented. The killers of these people have gone scot free. The police have ruled out the possibility of foul play. They have insisted the death of these people is an ordinary crime but our people are aware that the death of these people was caused by some invisible hand.

Our fear is that, the more killers of our people continue to go unpunished, the more the lives of promising leaders will continue to be in danger. We wish to bring this trend to an end and allow people to live and do their businesses normally. But this can not come to pass, unless the causes of the previous deaths have been explained in full. Our people are on site to give an explanation to the possible cause deaths of these people and those behind the killings of their loved ones.

It is against this background we are requesting you as an international human right watchdog where Zambia is a signatory to constitute a public inquiry that can establish the cause of deaths of our promising leaders. What we want is to see a situation whereby if the cause of deaths for our promising leaders is established people that will be linked to the deaths of these people should be cited for crimes against humanity.

As you read this letter, there are many people in Zambia living in fear. They don’t know what will come after them any time soon. The fear is to the fact that, they hold views some people consider heretical to both political and business society. This has made them to spend almost half their lives watching their backs all the time.

Edwin Sakala

National Coordinator

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