Criminal gangs at Mopani open pit

Criminal gangs  at Mopani open pit

I am a concerned citizen of Kitwe, Zambia and worried with help by the Police to allow a gang leader who calls himself “Bonko” Regan Mwaba causing havoc in Wusakili and Chamboli area.

Recently he was arrested by the Zambia Police Anti Copper Theft Team for 1. Conduct likely to breach peace, 2. criminal trespass, 3. two assault cases and 4. Threatening violence but has since been released on police bond on 20th May, 2019. He Was detained at Kitwe Central Police on 16th May, 2019 and immediately he was released the following day he went to area K open pit attacked security personnel and damaged one of the Panorama vehicles and almost assaulting the Security Manager on 21st May, 2019 yet this is the person who is freely roaming the streets of Wusakili and Chamboli townships. He is referring himself to a new Youngson who is used to terrorize Kitwe. The matter has been reported to Wusakili Zambia Police Station and as always nothing with be done.

The Zambia Police Anti- Copper Team attached to the mines are aware about this and busy protecting him asking assault complainants just to settle matters outside court. He calls himself the Presidents man and he speaks to state house officials. Despite a lot of reports to state police and the impunity by his group has continued and he has no regard for law or an authority. Is it because he supports PF as he claims and no one can touch him? Where are we going as nation if we can allow this kind of lawlessness from criminals? Criminals who can threaten the owners of the mine and able to intimidate security knowing that even if he is apprehended no one can do anything about it.


Concerned Kitwe resident

He says he PF and untouchable because he talks to the President and state house officials

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