‘Crippled state of civil service’

It is amazing to hear President Lunga blaming Luapula Provincial Administration for failing to provide fuel for the dredger in Lunga to enable it clear the root for Boats and Chombo which are the only source of transport to the Island apart from air Transport. Thanks to Emerine Kabashi who informed the President that even her as an MP of the area has been trying to source for fuel money from finance but all her effort was in vain.
The President said that Zambia was a big country, he can not know what is happening in every corner of the country. It is this reason why we feel he is not fit to be the President of this big country Zambia. It is not only Luapula Province but all provinces are affected as there are no fundings. Imagine from January only 21% has been funded and all of this funding has been used by Cadre Permanent Secretary`s and their Provincial Ministers.
For us who have served the all Governments ever since independence, it is confirmed that this is the worst Government so far. A politician serves the entire population through civil service but in this case no service is made to the general populous in Zambia. With experience I foresee Edgar becoming even number 6 in the 2016 elections. Kaunda was also fooled when people equated him to God.
This is not a prophecy but reality. Ever since Edgar became a President of this Country Civil Service is dead. No funded reaches the Departments and to make matters worse the man has bought DCs vehicles, he has bloated the cabinet and he has been making very stupid expenditures. To us Civil Servants even 2016 is afar, we shall assist him to fall even faster.
God forbid, why did you take away President Sata from us.

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