Critical water shortage hits UTH as expecting mothers are Turned Away

Critical water shortage hits UTH as expecting mothers are Turned Away

Disaster is looming at Zambia’s major hospital, the University Teaching Hospital (UTH), in Lusaka after erratic water supply has forced the institution to limit operations of the maternity section and the theatre.

The X-ray department is also functioning at less than average capacity at both the health facility and other satelight centres in the country forcing patients to seek alternative private hands.

UTH has since closed the theatre and maternity wards at a time President Michael Sata and his wife Dr Christine Kaseba are enjoying unnecessary allocation of billions for their wasteful spending in the national budget.

The hospital’s public relations manager Pauline Mbangweta has confirmed the water crisis at the institution heaping the blame on Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC).

Mbangweta said the institution started experiencing water blues three months ago and that the taps have been producing less water until now that the taps are completely drying up.

Patients talked to are worried that their state of health will be compromised while in hospital because of lack of water.

They have called on management and government to sort out the problem especially that it has affected critical areas such as the theatre and maternity ward.

UTH, other than the water crisis, is also faced with congestion while most wards are dilapidated with very few or no staff to attend to the patients while medicine are not stocked.

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