Crook posing as Chief Shakumbila


The story that appeared in the Post Newspaper, 5th May, 2013, cannot pass without comment. There is a Chief in central province who has been masquerading as Chief Shakumbila. His name is Patrick Chibamba. In 2007, he managed to cheat his way through and was installed as Senior Chief Shakumbila without the Knowledge of the Royal family of the Sala people.

The Royal family took him to court where he has not appeared to testify. Chibamba has eluded many hearing because he has been bootlicking and blind folding those in leadership. At the come- together party held in Lusaka on 4th may to celebrate Mr. Kabimba ‘s election as Chairman of Political parties in Africa, this Chief stood and promised to deliver the Chiefdom to the PF boat. The questions that come to the fore are; “When did he join PF from MMD? How is he going to deliver the Chiefdom he doesn’t own? Has he rescinded all the insults he hauled on President Sata during 2011 general election?” This same Chief paraded the friends to denounce PF in order to avoid his secret agenda (dethronement).

This time around, he is trying to bribe his way through using flattery statements to PF officials like Mr. Kabimba. What the Justice Minister doesn’t know is that, his own people (Sala people) are being persecuted day by day. Land is being sold anyhow to unscrupulous investors. All the proceeds get into his pockets. Luiri Gold Mine pays some tribute through Shakumbila Trust Fund and yet none of the Royal Family members have benefited nor has he built any small developmental project.

A chief should be an honest person who can build trust in his own people. Even the Advisors must be trustworthy unlike the crooks we see; the likes of Noel who is an illegitimate son of Mr. Donald Shichoonda. The other crook is  Shibalanga Ackson who is Soli by tribe but purporting to be Sala. This Shibalanga has been fuelling confusion in the Royal family. Last year, he stole all the donated money to the Ceremony (Ikubi lya Loongo). This made him quarrel with his boss (Chibamba) because they differed on the shares to pocket and he developed BP until Nangoma hospital resuscitated him.

We are appealing to the Justice Minister, Mr. Kabimba, as he was directed by President Sata, to look into this matter to see which Chief has been imposed on the people and bring sanity to our chiefdom that seem not to have a Chief for now. We want someone who can bring meaningful development to the local people and respect human dignity. We are not short of capable people to lead.

Manuel Velasquez etal (2008: 2) states that,’’ the good ethical action is the one that provides the greatest good for the greatest number of people.” Will it be good to protect the ego/interest of one person or the masses (people) who vote?

Now it is time that justice should prevail. The case is commencing on 14, 15 and 16th May, 2013. Let Patrick Chibamba with his conduit of lies defend himself before the able courts. He should not cheat that he is popular and he will deliver the people to PF. Who will trust him? The very people who are displaced from their villages are the ones who vote and cannot be fooled. Our land has been left desolate. No wonder some parts of the chiefdom are even trying to make their own chiefs. Please, Mr. Kabimba, the courts and other concerned people, help us to resolve this matter quickly before many things are spoiled or become irreversible. How can somebody forge names and claim that the Royal family sat and chose him? This man (Chibamba) should be de-gazetted immediately.

To the Watchdog, please come and cover this court session on 14th May because this guy has been so elusive. Please, withhold my identity for fear of victimization

Concerned Member



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