Cry our beloved country – Zambia

By Kalonga D Haciwa

Fellow countrymen, may I take this opportunity to recognize all the 73 indigenous Zambian tribes, who have contributed so dearly to the birth and the minor development of our country Zambia.  If it wasn’t for all of you and not just those of the eight languages commonly used in our various media houses.  However, we still have a lot more to do.  We need to go an extra mile in everything we are doing to bring about the most cried for development in this country.

Our fore-fathers did everything they could to liberate our country from our former colonial masters, thus why we always commemorate their efforts on 24th October every calendar year.  Our freedom fighters laid the foundation for this country and the subsequent generations are supposed to carry on from where they left.  Their ideas were to give Zambia a twofold independence; that is political and economical independence.  Of which, we have failed to fulfill the later.

If our fore-fathers were to resurrect today, they would definitely echo the same words saying “Cry our beloved country” because of the following issues which we haven’t done to our very best;

  • Roads infrastructural development; they can collapse upon seeing the same old cape-to-Cairo road and the two round-abouts: Kafue and Kabwe being in the same old state.
  • Alarming unemployment levels
  • The depth of corruption; people are busy looting government monies and nothing is being done to the perpetrators.
  • Tribalism written on many faces of the Zambian people; i.e. voting on tribal rather than on credibility
  • Crime rates are on the increase; in the olden days, they used to fear animals not our fellow human beings.  Remember the painful death of our sister “Ruth Mbandu”, MHSRIP.
  • The strength of the country’s constitution cannot be felt anymore. Hence, the need for a workable constitution which can stand the test of time.
  • Unrealistic development plans, year in year out – governments of comedy

I therefore, call upon all Zambians not to fail our liberators.  Each one of us has a role to play, more especially the government of the day.  They need to foster development plans and projects if Zambia is become a country conducive to live in.

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