CSPR auctioned to PF

CSPR auctioned to PF, fails to pay workers salaries, gratuities- Part 1

Allow me space to share with you how the once respected Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR), which advocated for better living standards for the most vulnerable people in society has been reduced to a mere pf NGO. To begin with, CSPR, which was one of the most vibrant local CSO under the leaderships of Mpepo, Mulima and Patrick Mucheleka has become a shell of itself, thanks to the PF, which has infiltrated the organisation by making sure that the board is headed by one of their own, Isaac Ngoma (a board member of Edgar Lungu’s IDC and former EAZ chair). Today CSPR does not speak for the poor because they dine and wine with the PF. Management is always out of the country on pf sponsored trips, while workers have not been paid their salaries for 3 months now. Current and former staff have not been paid their gratuity which has been due for as long as 5 years. Recently, an attempt was made by the pf led board to change the constitution to include government representatives as non elected board members, a motion which was turned down by the members at the elective agm. As a result of its failure to speak for the poor, CSPR has lost the donor confidence hence the reason they cannot attract funding for its programmes and soon don’t be surprised if bailiffs pounce on the organisation to recover millions owed to its employees. Watch out part two

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