CTPD warns against price controls

image image imageThe center for trade policy and development (CTPD) has warned the PF government against introducing price controls on mealie meal as it will have severe consequences on the national economy.

CTPD Executive Director Isabel Mukelabai said introducing price controls on mealie meal will have negative implications on the economy and has since advised government to find other interventions of addressing the escalating mealie meal prices rather than resorting to introduction of price controls on the commodity. She said government should investigate if there are cartels as they claim among millers in order to address escalating mealie meal prices.

Meanwhile, police yesterday detained trucks for Arizona transport carrying hundreds of bags of mealie meal belonging to Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba that were bound for Kasama where the mealie meal shortage is still at its peak.

Kasama traders speaking through their representative a Mr. Mwelwa has received this news with great shock as the mealie meal was going to Kasama within Zambia and not abroad. They however wondered if the government want Kasama to continue having long ques and high prices for the commodity due to shortage when there is suplus in other provinces. The Kasama traders further urged the government to distribute the mealie meal equally to all parts of Zambia as this will reduce the prices as the supply will be meet the demands.

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