Cuban envoy says Sata is working hard

CUBAN Ambassador to Zambia Caridad Perez Gonzalez says President Michael Sata  and his government are working very hard to ensure that Zambia develops.
And Ambassador Gonzalez says Cuba will always support Zambia taking into account the  historical relationship between the two countries.
In an interview with the Post Newspaper,  Gonzalez said Cuba was looking forward to reviving and strengthening  collaborations with Zambia.
“I have been here for five and a half months and  I have seen what President Sata and his government are doing to develop Zambia.
President Sata is working very hard to develop Zambia. I always see him on TV and in the newspapers working. He is always visiting people in different parts  of the country. He is always finding a solution to the problems that Zambians are facing,” she said.
Ambassador Gonzalez said her commitment to Zambia was  to strengthen the cordial and excellent relations that had existed between
Zambia and Cuba for over 40 years, adding that Cuba was very proud of the  relationship that existed between the two countries.
“Our commitment is to  work with the Patriotic Front and its government in order to strengthen the
collaboration in all areas because we are two brotherly nations.
She said Zambia and Cuba had already identified solutions in areas  of collaboration because both countries knew the importance of working
Ambassador Gonzalez also conveyed the gratitude of the Cuban people  and its government for the historical support of Zambia in the struggle to put
an end to the criminal economic, commercial and financial US blockade against  Cuba and “in the international battle for the liberation of the Cuban Five  antiterrorists who have been unjustly imprisoned in the US”.

Post Newspaper

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