Current ACC boss is useless


I work for the ACC middle management. This DG we have in charge is a puppet of her master. If you do your investigations you will realise that the justice minister never came in for interviews since his infamous show of no regard for the law.
The DG was summoned to state house, where the president simply asked her why she is wasting time and money on people who haven’t done anything wrong instead of focusing on RB and company. You well know Zambians have a culture of not questioning authority but simply to reply yes sir.
She is being used by individual minsters to settle scores with the past administration. If you dig deep you will also find out that jealous people had the formal OP boss investigated because they believed his retirement house was not worth having, his house was grabbed, months and months passed even with no case to answer some individual (minister) kept pushing the DG. Useless as she is, she didn’t stand her ground. Can you honestly imagine being investigated for something that is in black and white in your contract?

Dear editor please publish this, so that Zambians know how rotten this ACC has become, it’s a toy for the PF headed by a puppet.

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