Current Laz has no relevance

Current Laz has no relevance


By Nason Msoni

Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) needs to fix-up or close shop as their relevance keeps dimming and sinking deeper and deeper.

Where are those gallant human rights champions who spoke for justice in society?

LAZ can’t afford the luxury to opt out and play dead on the sidelines on the question of gross violations of human rights.

The association has been rendered and reduced to a mere shadow of its old self and indeed a big laughing stock with potential job seekers at the helm.

It is extremely disheartening and disappointing to hear LAZ clapping for a hangman crucifying a victim of the miscarriage of justice.

We cannot afford the luxury as a country and society to go to sleep in the midst of the growing injustices. The sharply increasing number of young people losing lives at the hands of rogue Police officers is striking and no one has been held to account for these covered up murders. Here we are talking about extrajudicial killings which are becoming a regular feature.

Surely we cannot choose personal comfort at the expense of equitable Justice.

We encourage the association to carry out an introspection and find its feet and relevance in the national discourse.

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