Current scenario does not inspire hope, but lets pray for one another-HH

Easter Message by HH

Colleagues, its Easter again. First and foremost let me wish all of us a happy and peaceful Easter. Not only is it time to reflect on our commitment to the Christian faith, but we should also reaffirm our commitment to the Christian nation proclamation for which the country is known.

Colleagues, by now we all know that the state of the nation is not what it should be in a Christian and democratic country.

We are seeing an increase in intolerance which manifests itself in many ways including violence, crime, outright defamation and closing of the democratic space especially by those in government.

Colleagues, these are difficult, but not impossible times. When the President proclaimed he would rule the country by 10 commandments, we were overjoyed and took him seriously.

But sadly, going by the current happenings, it appears he did not mean what he was saying and has completely renegade from this undertaking, in what has become his trademark.

And as predicted by some of us, amidst high prices of essential commodities such as mealie meal, the nation has again been handed down a fuel increase that will trigger an automatic increase on prices of other commodities and further bring a rise to the cost of living.

And all these hush measures are being undertaken against the backdrop of wage freeze for the next two years.

Colleagues the scenario above does not at all inspire hope. This is why as we reflect, let us seek solace from the fact that anything that is man made is not permanent.

Our lord and savior Jesus Christ conquered death. That is an inspiration enough to pray and believe that God will not let us down. It’s time to pray hard and action our prayers. Let us pray for wisdom, let us pray for prosperity, let us pray for our friends in Government, our friends in the opposition. Let us pray for peace.

Once more have a happy Easter weekend fellow countrymen and women.

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