‘Cursed be the day I voted for PF’

Mendez Fernandez wrote…


So, the government collected the best of brains around the country, to make a very good budget for the whole country to cover the whole year of 2018 for the benefit of all the citizenry in the country called Republic of Zambia.

That good budget was a whopping K34 billion.

Today, half way into the good year 2018, our own caring government has already spent it all.

Our government has not only spent it all, but spent more than it had budgeted for. It has spent K39 billion or K5 billion more.

So, where is the government getting the extra money to spend and where on earth will it get the money to spend to last the rest of the year?

This simply means, our good government will have to survive on borrowing, pawning things and over taxing the citizenry.

It also means, there will be shortage of cash on the streets. Salaries will be delayed, agreements and obligations suspended or cancelled . Such is what are called austerity measures or tightening belts as suffering, anguish and death looms due to self inflicted poverty.

This is the curse of electing a leadership on mob psychology negating analytical reasoning and common sense.

Yes, I am a NON political partisan player due to the nature of my job, however, it is my civic and intellectual duty to question the credibility of my leadership if my own future and that of my own children is threatened.

The government borrows daily, taxes me daily, pawns everything daily then squanders it all without caring to improving the quality of the livelihoods of me and my children.

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