Customer wants Zanaco to give him back his money

To the Editor,
I wish to communicate to ZANACO and BARCLAYS Banks in KITWE through you ZWD as other popular media organisations have ignored me despite asking them to publish my concern.

In September,2013,while using a ZANACO VisaCard i made a cash withdrawal from Barclays ATM situated within PUMA filling station premises along Kabengele Road,near DEBS office.Since the machine couldnt give out larger amounts,i managed to withdraw in the multiples of K800 thrice,but the Second one never came out.I only got a receipt saying YOUR ACCOUNT WILL NOT BE DEBITED.

To my surprise,the account was actually debited.This was confirmed by ZANACO officers who made me fill in appropriate forms.I was assured that the transaction would be reversed within 3 weeks or 45 working days.

However,it is now more than 90days down the line nothing is happening and no information has been communicate to me.All the time i go there,more assurances pour,but nothing happens.These days it is even very difficult to see them as the Bank\ZANACO,is mostly characterized with very long queues which make the whole bank crowded to the brim.

Therefore,I am making a stern appeal to ZANACO to either refund me or facilitate refund of my meager K800 which despite being small in their eyes,would go a long way.

Please release my cash which you are sitting on.Should it feel like a curse to belong to certain banks as they are incapable of reversing very simple transactions but always ready to create new problems on people like me?

Soko Edmond

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